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I love making friendship bracelets ((((-:
Quality ig // fanqirrlingbwu
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not my photo but my upload xx :)
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btwhey: You're so pretty! I wish I were as pretty as you! Have a wonderful day xx

thank you! don’t say that 💗 you yourself are beautiful! don’t wish to be someone else 💜 love you ☺️

Anonymous: OMG Kate your a sweetheart

awh haha thank you :)

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pinkpet4ls: Quiz: Ice cream or chocolate? Instagram or tumblr? Pink or blue? iPhone or iPad? Outside or inside? Spring or fall?

Ice cream, can’t choose, pink, both both, spring

Anonymous: I would die if you ever followed me. Lol

I wouldn’t want that but if you come off anon, I’ll gladly follow you ☺️💗

ridinqqhoran: You're beautiful. #jelly

thank you. 💗

septembrah: Where did you get the flannel you have on in your icon? Also the white top under it?

flannel: Garage and the shirt is from iwearsin on Instagram :)